About Sleep Tech

11Sleep Tech (a trade name of Rocky Mountain Health Diagnostics, LLC) is a clinician-owned sleep lab located in Aurora, Colorado specialized in diagnosing testing for sleep disorders.

Sleep Tech is dedicated to helping you achieve a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Tech Is operated under the expert direction of highly trained specialists.



Sleep Tech scores results using the latest standard techniques and reports all results promptly.

Your condition is diagnosed by board certified Sleep Specialists (Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, D-ABSM, and/or American Academy of Sleep Medicine, AASM), and you are treated with the utmost care and respect while visiting us.

We pride ourselves on seeing that our patients receive the ultimate level of care and personal attention.  Each patient is monitored by well-trained and concerned staff in a state-of-the-art environment.  Patients also enjoy complete discretion, and privacy – while resting in maximum comfort.

Clinician Owned

Our facility was founded by clinicians, for patients of clinicians, with a primary focus on outcomes-based care.

We pride ourselves on a two-week turnaround time for the management of insurance-related referrals for sleep testing.  For this purpose, and being a sleep laboratory, we operate on an appointment only basis during the day.

 Insurance Information

If you would like to find out if our company has a Provider that is in your insurance network, please send us some basic information here

We accept most major insurances.