Marketing to Charles Schwab


Nothing feels better than waking up in the morning refreshed, ready to ninja kip-up out of bed and tackle a new day!  There is literally nothing like it, specifically because, in fact, what has just occurred is a relative flux from one cognition into another.  I’m speaking in regards to the change from the sleep, into alertness, or wakefulness.  Nothing is able to revise whether or not you are already Woke, but there is a relative cadre of human beings trained specifically in how to identify problems as to whether or not you are initiating, maintaining and obtaining quality sleep while you are doing your daily routine of laying for extended periods of time with your eyes closed.  Could this experience be liken to a high, the type much similar to experiences obtained from consuming recreational drugs?  This particular writer has not managed to place his hands on the research that would allow me to speak authoritatively for all, but for the recently legal ones, I can certainly postulate a theory or twelve.  Unfortunately I’m not writing currently as to whether or not medical marijuana has impacts (and what those might be, yet) on sleeping patterns.  No that requires a completely different level of revenue generation combined with a significant demographic from which to pull subjects in an existent business (or well-honed marketing team).  I’m writing today because of the specific impacts I have observed, via networking and marketing, in the direct day-to-day operations of my business.


Let’s rewind approximately three or four months, to the following date:

February 21st, 2018.  Please eyeball the following image for your viewing pleasure, I do not own the awesome art work at Zane’s Italian Bistro where the following networking event took place:

Seen above I was connecting with an incredibly skilled Nurse in relation to how often the problems associated with life are connected to quality of sleep.  I was being reminded, in real time, that my connection with the field of Sleep Medicine has significantly so much more to do with how many people are still left untreated and undiagnosed* than it has to do with my own personal odyssey into knowledge and understanding.  My favorite part of connecting to people in these networking opportunities lies mostly in the fact that I get to amplify a positive ramification into a decision-maker’s process of thought.  Or perhaps they write my conclusions off?  Many readily available conclusions exist as to whether or not my input is truly valid (and much of the time, correct), but one thing certainly remains to be seen: anyone, else, in the field of sleep medicine, doing the same thing.  We have got to get this narrative out, particularly due to how many people I have found that are still utilizing the wrong solutions.  Let’s get out there, educate, and give the general public some return on investment in any industry (referring to sleep laboratory professionals, where the real work gets done towards finding a sleep-quality solution).  I recently connected with a meditation guru that specifically focused his system on resolving insomnia (video to come) through mindful meditation.  How epic is that?!


Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to share the narrative of sleep disorders and awareness to the local Charles Schwab folks during their employee Health Fair.  More specifics to come on that of course.  For now, I want to investigate everything, remain mindful of everything, and provide systematic solutions to your sleepy complaints.  Rest well and rest assured knowing I’m out there fighting the good fight for your sleep quality.  I will update soon about the marketing adventure into the financial servants at Charles Schwab tomorrow and share a relatively comprehensive ROI, at least what I’m able to share of course.

Thank you for reading and entertaining some new thoughts.  Cheers for now,