Back At It in Aurora

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Well it looks like Sleep Tech is going to be stepping pretty deep into the diagnostic testing market this go around.  Having a local Facility Director for RMHD is going to continue to be an illuminating process.  I have been learning so much from Dr. LS!  We have quite a distance to traverse in a short time, especially with the exciting new information I have obtained about Accreditation.  Dr. LS and I have been quite extensively through the process of which company we would like to work with for authorizing our model to be able to sell our services to Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare, etc., and have come to conclusion.  I’m excited to hear the process we will be working with for Accreditation will be able to authorize our model within 7 days and significantly benefit the administrative side of the business from an extensively honed review.  There are still quite a few other possibilities incoming for Joint Ventures and potential Partnerships, none of which are really worth commenting further about yet in a public manner as they are far from signature and agreement.

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Mary has been working hard hours on the billing/reviews side of the business as she continues her studies for Human Resources and, as new additions come to the Sleep Tech team, is excited to utilize her knowledge in real-time.  Thank you for the continued support of our community and referring provider’s, I sure hope we can continue to maintain quality patient reviews as to remain worthy of the referrals.






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