SLEEP 2016, a glimpse into today

Notes from today: June 14, 2016.  Written, Earls downtown 16th Street Mall 06/14/2016, approximately 18:00.  Perks: free WiFi, excellent wait staff and great happy hour pricing for downtown (or even outside it).  Why am I doing this?  Let’s call it shits ‘n giggles.

I started the morning off like many others (that I associate frequently with a relative form of failure), woke up to the alarm clock, paid close attention to my relative levels of sleepiness and decided I could, and should, return to sleep.  I did just that – after awakening later than planned, hanging out with my children whom I deeply missed and going through a relatively standard level of mental king fu with the early stimulus of the day, initiated a venturing back out into the wilderness.  Sometimes better known as Downtown Denver I was Colorado Convention Center-bound where the SLEEP 2016 conference is currently finishing session. 

I was fortunate enough to have been extended an opportunity to attend some of the advanced courses offered for advanced-credential medical learning credits.  I must admit, there was much information from this session that eluded my grasp, I think existent primarily to a lacking work history with extensive clinical research.  Though the information that was retained from the conference was absolutely exciting!  There is so much that has changed in the field of sleep medicine, and so many advances made.  More to come on this as a result.

A huge highlight was meeting a very dear old friend for lunch today in his new artistic proximity to downtown Denver.  Perhaps that was a catalyst for my ability to network as much as I did this afternoon.  Oi vey was that draining!  Time to grab a beer and turn the relaxation (and information processing form the day) into overdrive.

**It’s exciting and of note that the field is rapidly being invested in by new sources (some of whom I may be reviewing within the coming weeks) and technologies.  Some that identify early snores, some that are attempting to engage in battle with the golden heavyweight champion of the world, CPAP (PAP devices) – for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing, some that desire a global reach for the delivery of sleep-related services and yet others that appear to benevolently desire only to benefit this amazing group of people that have dedicated time and energy to learn a science that is absolutely and unequivocally beneficial to their fellow man. The Providers in Sleep Medicine (and those that refer to them for insurance-covered services)!  The experts (in business as well) were intoxicating to interact with and afforded me a continuous reminder that I have quite far to go, yet have come so far.

For a day that started in relatively epic defeat, I sure must say feels pretty daaaaarrrrrrrrnn good.  Take that, SLEEP!  (though still a little groggy)

Stay sleepy my friends, more to come soon